dinsdag 21 augustus 2018

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10:00:01.9810:00:04.6822.701We're quite content to be the odd
browser out.
20:00:05.3010:00:08.9583.656We don't have a fancy stock abbreviation
to go alongside our name in the press.
30:00:09.5250:00:11.3231.798We don't have a profit margin.
40:00:11.4130:00:13.9782.566We don't have sacred rock stars
that we put above others.
50:00:14.5090:00:16.9132.404We don't make the same deals,
sign the same contracts.
60:00:17.2270:00:19.7892.562Or shake the same hands,
as everyone else.
70:00:20.5680:00:22.5682.000And all this... is fine by us.
80:00:23.4370:00:27.0653.628Were are a pack of independently, spirited,
fiercely unconventional people,
90:00:27.1440:00:29.1442.000who do things a little differently.
100:00:29.8090:00:31.8092.000Where another company may value
the bottom line...
110:00:32.2830:00:34.5822.300We value... well, values.
120:00:35.6430:00:38.0122.368When a competitor considers
to make something propriertary.
130:00:38.6420:00:40.6422.000We strive to set it free.
140:00:40.9290:00:44.5553.627And while most products and technologies
are developed behind closed doors.
150:00:44.8860:00:46.6061.720Ours are cultivated out in the open.
160:00:46.6510:00:48.5241.874For everyone to see.
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